Virtual Global Education Limited (VGEL) was incorporated in 1993 with the mission of improving the quality of human capital in the country through skill and educational interventions.

  • We have moved from strength to strength in our path and look forward to continue on our mission.
  • The focus of VGEL has been in delivering skill and educational interventions to the sections of societies and
    parts of the country where they are most needed. and where the youth have limited exposure and lack access
    to opportunities to achieve their career or livelihood goals.
  • Currently we have our presence in 14 States having 45 Centers across both urban and rural areas.
  • We have several initiatives catering to the most disadvantaged places like Left Wing Extremist Districts and
    remote areas of North East.
  • By March 2016 we plan to have more than 150 Centers, increasing our reach to the youth who seek skills for
    better lives.
    From Knowing to Doing Our Journey Towards Skilled India
    We have seen the future and its glowing with the productive energy of youth. The future belongs to our youth
    who will power our country to greater economic prosperity and social equity. The future is where India is the
    youngest and most capable nation in the world greasing the wheels of global economy. The future is of millions
    of youth proud of the empowering skills and life guidance that the Government of India has been imparting. The
    future is where youth hold their heads high . where India has moved from KNOWING to DOING.

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