Professional Entrepreneurship Program

We promote, encourage, facilitate and mentor young entrepreneurs which will be moving force to the growth. It is our mission to create and enable millions of bright young minds to take up the challenge of starting up their own venture. We have devised very detailed and through intervention which will enable the students to understand all aspects and running a business venture. Our Courses are innovative in nature and the modules will include:

  • Business Planning & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Training of selected trades like
  • Hospitality,Retail,Telecom & Solar.
  • Project Proposal and validation
  • Assisting students to avail bank loan
  • facilities for business finance

Collaborated with Australian Institute of Business & Technology in offering the mentioned course. The delivery will be through high level industry and academia experts assised will be certified by Virtual Global Education & Australian Institute of Business & Technology on successful completion of the courses. We will also be leveraging information technology and offer such courses both in the class room and through
digital medium learning tablet platform.
Virtual Global Education Ltd is confident that with our experience passion along with your co-operation we will
be able to develop thousands of Entrepreneurs in the country and will help them to make a sustainable career
opportunity which will also eradicate problems and challenges of unemployment