Vocational Course

Identification of skill development needs including preparing a catalogue of types of skills, range and depth of skills to facilitate individuals to choose from them.

Sector Skill Councils

The most critical outcome of skill training is employment, whether self or wage employment.

To facilitate employment, VGEL have been encouraged to develop their own placement portal and mobile apps.

VGEL presents e-siksha App, a unique initiative by VGEL, which aggregates best of content available with leading content providers, training partners, and professionals (also known as Knowledge Partners) across the skilling ecosystem. This eLearning platform provides opportunities to training partners and skill seekers to choose resources from a catalog that aggregates material from various partners’ platforms.

Skilling Content creation follows the Model Curriculum. Participant Handbooks are used by the trainees and Facilitator Guides are used by facilitators/trainers to ensure smooth conduct of trainings. Participant handbooks have been made available in English, Hindi and in regional languages, based on demand. The Qp-wise content availability is depicted in the excel available above. Plethora of free resources is enabled


E-Siksha App

Serving as a framework, it offers space to customize the content development process according to the needs of the job role and learners. Spans right from understanding the audience profile, creating a content structure, framing learning objectives, the document details Instructional Design approaches for vocational training, and roles and responsibilities in the process of content development. Traversing the steps of the actual development process, reviews and monitoring, it suggests how to track the health of the process. A Model Curriculum describes the recommended means, materials, methodology for delivering a training in a targeted QP. The training material is created based on the Model Curriculum for the QP.

VGEL facilitates initiatives

The approach is to develop partnerships with multiple stakeholders and build on current efforts, rather than undertaking too many initiatives directly, or duplicating efforts currently underway. To scale up efforts necessary to achieve the objective of skilling / up-skilling million people

Learn From Industry Leaders

Play the role of a ‘market-maker’ by bringing funds, particularly in sectors where market mechanisms are ineffective or missing.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance.

Professional Certification

To contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling up of people in India, mainly by fostering private sector initiatives in skill development program 

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