VGEL Sectors & Courses

VGEL aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality and for-profit vocational institutions.

Sectors & Courses

VGEL is providing training in various sectors
Name of Sector Name of Course
Apparel & Garment Marketing 1. Sewing Machine Operator
Electronics & Hardware 1.Field Technician Other Home Appliance
2.CCTV Installation Technician
3.Mobile, Phone Hardware Repair Technician
Healthcare 1.General Duty Assistant
2.Front Line Health Worker
Retail 1.Sales  Associate
2.Trainee Associate
Telecom 1.Distributor sales Representative
2.Customer Care Executive
Green Jobs 1.Solar PV Installer
Tourism & Hospitality 1.Front Office Associate
2.Travel Consultant
Electric Vehicle 1.Sales Executive
2.Repair & Maintenance
Urja 1. Opening of Urja Kendra

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Geographically diverse footprint and competencies.


Virtual Global Education Limited (VGEL) was incorporated in 1993 with the mission of improving the quality of human capital in the country through skill and educational interventions.